"Equally important for moisturizing and repairing" dry skin with insufficient sebum secretion. Lack of moisture; it is easy to feel tight and tingling after cleansing the skin, the skin is thinner, less elastic and lacks luster, and it is prone to dryness, peeling and allergies. Water and oil balance is the way to dry skin.


​dry skin

Inflamed skin, allergic skin redness, eczema, psoriasis and other skin defenses are insufficient, and they are vulnerable to external stimuli. You need to improve the skin's surface barrier function, reduce the skin's external stimuli, repair dry and damaged skin, inhibit inflammatory cells, and increase the skin's defense.


sensitive skin

Fight against the bacteria that lead to acne, pay attention to the cleaning of the bottom of the skin, regulate the secretion of oil, reduce the accumulation of dead skin and balance the skin's water and oil, solve the large pores caused by excessive oil secretion, and have a clean and bright. Skin is needed for oily to acne-prone skin.


Acne/Oily Skin