Eco-Friendly Recycling Program

We love Natural and the Earth. We use recycled or recyclable materials container, our packaging is as minimal as possible. Start from June 2020, we will launch the eco-friendly recycling program in order to minimize our environmental impact.

How to arrange ?

Collected containers will recycled use and / or arrange them in environmental protection recycling vehicles and / or community recycling stations for recycling.


Recycling processes:

please help us:

  1. Clean the empty container. 

  2. Remove the Sticker.

  3. Remove the pump. 


Please follow the above steps, If not, it is failed for recycling. 


Recycling Program Rewards:

Please bring back to our Kwun Tong Workshop to get the free gift. 

  • 10 empty containers can get 1 pack of Aroma Salt. 

  • 18 empty containers can get 1 piece of Paper Mask. 

  • 38 empty containers can get 1 serum ( Travel Size) 

*Travel set, trial set and ampoules empty containers do not count for the rewards programs, but we also welcome you bring it back to us together for recycling. 

*We accepted empty containers brand's by Nude story only.

*Each person can only exchange up to one mask / serum ( Travel Size) once  per day. 

*All masks are distributed randomly.

*Nude story reserved the right to amend it time to time. 


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