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【Restart NUDE Skin】
「Natural Unique Derma's Experience」- "NUDE" is our message want to share with you. We wish to bring you a unique and visible experience on skin care products. Help to bring you a beauty and confidence after restart to NUDE Skin. 
We Listen to the story of our nature by heart, we believe the power of nature which is our BEST guardian of our skin, mind, body and spirit. We integrate aroma, herbals, health science and beauty into a holistic healing and design and produce a Nude Story products base on these elements. 
【Clean Beauty】
we are committed to produce a product without chemical preservatives artificial colors, mineral oil and fragrance and without any proven or suspected toxic ingredients.
We are knowledgeable in Aromatherapy and certified in IFA aromatherapist. We able to bring the most benefits and obvious effects products to your skin.
【Social Giving Back】
Giving back and hopes that holistic aromatherapy can be extending to the community. We donating to charity and contribute to various community welfare / Hong Kong People . The concept of social giving back must be keep on in the future.
【We Promises】
【Quaility 】
We are committed to produce a product are withou tchemical preservatives, SLS-free, alcohol-free, mineral oil -free, no artificial flavors and pigments and no animal testing.Also without any proven or suspected toxic ingredients.
【Product Request】
100% Made in Hong Kong. Our products are formulated and crafted by hand, we insist on small-batch production and under strict good manufacturing practice procedures to ensure our customer can receive the freshness & quality  products.
【Ingredients selection】
We source responsible and superior grade ingredients over the world, especially select the ingredients with organic certified ingredients.
Certified by SGS, an inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Passed heavy metal and microbial contamination tests. 
Nude Story is a Cruelty-free brand accredited by PETA Beauty without Bunnies Program. We respect animals and the natural environment. Our ingredients not animal sourced (except beeswax) and do not select  animal testing  raw materials. 
We will recycle to use old bottles on a regular basis, or arrange the bottles to Waste Management & Recycling company that hope we can  help to save the earth.