【Intention & Concepts of Paper Mask 】
Enjoy 15 minutes magical moment when using the paper mask,
it is not only a skin care , it also can give a body & mind fully relaxation. 
【Inspired by Occlusive Dressing Treatment】​ 
The principle of the Paper mask is called "Occlusive Dressing Treatment". Normally used in the medical field.

It can create are well sealed space, 
covers the whole face to increase the temperature of the surface skin.
While the skin temperature is raised up to force the pore open, the active ingredients penetrate facial skin cells easily.
【Believe in L'hydrolatherapie​】
We use organic Hydrosol to be our essence mask water base instead of Purify water. 
Hydrosol is the natural traditional skin care wisdom & beauty secrets.
Hydrosol simply means, ‘hydro’ or water and ‘sol’ or solution, that is, the water solution that contains some of the water soluble micro-molecules of essential oil as well as water-soluble plant components.
These micro molecules of essential oil give the hydrosol its scent and essential oil therapy and the plant components give the hydrosol its herbal or floral therapy.
【This is a serum 】
Enriched with 23ml essence grade serum in each mask. 
【Not only facial skin, body and soul can be fully helped 】
Hydrosols contain the energy information of the plant ,
distillation collects the living imprint of cellular water present in all life forms, the spirit of all substance. Yet it also transmutes the unique and distinctive soul into substance.the spirit waters created are not just water, but the spirit of life that has bonded with soul. 
not only facial skin , body and soul can be fully helped by using Hydrosols.​
【Selected Paper Bag & Paper Mask  】

Ultra-thin Plant fibres silk paper masks from Japan which is extremely invisible, sticky, Non-irritating and skin friendly.

The mask soft and close to face, with strong aqua absorbency, it can carry more essences serums from paper mask to the skin.

Higher standard food grade mask bags, Manufacturers produce products that have passed SGS food grade testing. The process is in accordance with the food hygiene and safety contraol “HACCP” food safety and hygienic conditions.

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