【We Listen to the story of our nature by heart】
NATURE is our BEST guardian of your skin, mind, body and Spirit.


Nude Story is a superior and professional handcrafted skin care brand based in Hong Kong since 2016. Our founders are qualified in IFA international Aromatherapist, Professional Essential Oil Therapist, NAHA Level 2 Professional Aromatherapist and Level 3 Certified Clinical Aromatherapist as well as a NAHA certified continuing education provider.


We believe the power of herb can take care of our body and soul, so we integrate aroma, herbals, health science and beauty into a holistic healing.


We committed to produce a product without chemical preservatives artificial colors, mineral oil and fragrance and without any proven or suspected toxic ingredients. Provide natural, high performance and toxic free to deliver maximum benefits and visible results to your skin. 


Qualifications & Recognition

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  • IFA international Aromatherapist

  • IFA Professional Essential Oil Therapist

  • NAHA Level 2 Professional Aromatherapist

  • NAHA Level 3 Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

  • NAHA Certified Continuing Education Provider

  • Products are certified by SGS

  • Cruelty-free brand accredited by PETA Beauty without Bunnies Program

  • HKRMA - Quality & TRUST E-Shop Recognition


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Purify Makeup-remover Cleansing Balm

< The Beauty Shortlist Awards>

Beauty 2021 Editor’s Choice -WINNER

Participate in the Charter

Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department -Charter of "Bye Bye Microgel Beads"

Environmental Touch-"Green Online Shop" Charter

"The best sources based on natural, organic ingredients. Seek to care for it in the context of your overall wellbeing."


Jessie - Founder of Nude Story  

One of our founder Jessie is qualified in IFA international Aromatherapist and NAHA Professional Aromatherapist. Cycle of skin problems including eczema, acne marks, dry and sensitive skin were happening in Jessie's skin few years ago. Jessie was deeply depression regarding skin problems by herself. Fortunately, she found an answer to her troublesome complexion in aromatherapy. She experienced the obvious effect by aromatherapy on the skin, body and mind. This effective results to make her start to learn and research more about herbals and Aromatherapy.


“Nude Story” which is using the synergy of organic herbs and flowers especially use the uniqueness of aromatherapy with skin care product to help people skin beauty and confidence also to deliver maximum benefits and visible results to your skin.


Jessie is now devoted in running an honest and conscious business that provides healthy, sustainable and effective skincare products. Now, she is a NAHA Certified Continuing Education Provider. She hopes that holistic aromatherapy can be extending to the community. It can let more people know the benefits of aromatherapy.