【Media Coverage】​
 Reported by Marie Claire HK "Marie Claire Hong Kong"

Many thanks to Marie Claire HK, the editor of Hong Kong Marie Claire, for recommending the local ginger brand!


【Be careful for sensitive skin! 】What's the difference between organic, animal-free, and Vegan? Local ginger brand recommendation!

Harper's BAZAAR HK  access

Thank you Harper's BAZAAR HK   Visit, and make three easy DIY face masks with everyone at ig live .

Natural Skin Care Troubleshooting! Aromatherapists recommend three easy DIY face masks

"SUNDAY MORE" report

Thank you to both the editor and the editor of "SUNDAY MORE"

3 IG Natural Skincare Stores Recommended to Say Goodbye to Sensitive Skin and Acne Skin

"Presslogic Girl Girls Daily" Blogger Column  report

5 local skin care brands introduced

An exclusive interview with Xincheng Information Channel's "Missing Girlfriends"

Many thanks to Meiling & Hailey, the hosts of "My Girlfriends" on Xincheng Radio, for inviting me to the radio station to share the concept of Nude Story.

HONEYCOMBERS - media coverage

Thank you HONEYCOMBERS share our shop to their reader / follower.

IFA Official Journal - Invitation to Publish Articles in the Age of Aromatherapy

Jessie Lau, one of the founders of Nude Story, wrote "The Post-90s Aromatherapy therapist teaches you how to fall asleep in one second" for Healthy Living magazine earlier.


Invited by the editor of the IFA official journal of the British Professional Aromatherapy Association, the relevant article was added to the official issue of Aromatherapy Time, the 117th issue, the summer edition of 2018.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-06 at 15.57.52_ed
"BamBoOs! Life 100 Magazines" column

Earlier, Nude Story's aromatherapy therapist Jessie Lau published a column for BamBoOs! Life magazine, sharing with readers how to use aromatherapy to improve insomnia, how to use essential oils in the easiest and most convenient way, and how to improve insomnia. Essential oils used in the recipe.


There are also sharing by other doctors and scholars in the magazine, and you can learn about the latest medical development and information on healthy living.

The inaugural issue of "Health Easy"  write a column

Many thanks to the inaugural issue of Health Easy
The invitation of the editor-in-chief will give me the opportunity to share with the readers the details of the trip to Bulgarian roses! 🌹

This Bulgarian rose trip is really unforgettable, I believe every aromatherapy therapist yearns for the place!