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Nude Story is a superior and professional handcrafted skin care brand based in Hong Kong since 2016. Our founders are qualified in IFA international Aromatherapist, Professional Essential Oil Therapist, NAHA Level 2 Professional Aromatherapist and Level 3 Certified Clinical Aromatherapist as well as a NAHA certified continuing education provider.


We believe the power of herb can take care of our body and soul, so we integrate aroma, herbals, health science and beauty into a holistic healing.


We committed to produce a product without chemical preservatives artificial colors, mineral oil and fragrance and without any proven or suspected toxic ingredients. Provide natural, high performance and toxic free to deliver maximum benefits and visible results to your skin. 



Rosa damascena

Otto Rose Pure Essential Oil


‣ Use organic Otto rose essential oil distilled from Damascus roses produced in the world's top Bulgarian rose valley by distillation method, with a strong and sweet delicate floral fragrance, known as the queen of essential oils. It can effectively improve the moisturizing ability of the skin; it has excellent anti-wrinkle and firming effects, and has a certain effect on the redness of the cheeks caused by microvascular dilation.

Rose essential oil has a strong and retains most of the original rose fragrance. Rose essential oil is particularly expensive, because a very large amount of rose petals must be consumed to extract a little essential oil, and the extraction process requires considerable labor.

【Functional properties】
Anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, bactericidal, purifying, clearing, hepatic, sedative, stomachic, antidepressant, antibacterial, aphrodisiac, choleretic, diuretic

【Spiritual Healing】
It can soothe emotions, especially when depressed, anxious, sad and depressed, can lift the spirit, relieve nervous tension and stress. Rose is a very feminine essential oil that can make a woman feel positive about herself.

Rose essential oil releases Dopamine, a happy dopamine hormone that relieves underlying tension and stress. It is more suitable than other essential oils to treat diseases of the female reproductive system, is a good hormone supplement, has a strong effect on the uterus, treats mild uterine prolapse, calms symptoms of premenstrual tension, promotes vaginal secretion, and is helpful for infertility . Rose essential oil can regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce excessive menstrual blood. If women have sexual disturbances caused by the reproductive system or menstrual cycle, or even postpartum depression, using rose essential oil will have a very mild anti-depressant effect. It is used to deal with sexual problems. When it comes to problems, rose essential oil can be said to be the first choice. It has always been regarded as a holy product for aphrodisiac and aphrodisiac, which can indeed help with frigidity and impotence.

【Skin efficacy】
Rose essential oil has a very good skin care effect and is suitable for all types of skin. Especially helpful for mature, dry, hardened, sensitive or aging skin, its firming and soothing properties are great for inflammation. It has the ability to gradually tone and converge the capillaries, making it ideal for alleviating the redness of the cheeks caused by dilated capillaries, however, it must be applied daily for weeks or months to see results. Pure rose essential oil has unexpected effects on wrinkle, swelling, dark spots, and even some neurological eczema

【Contraindications for use】
Rose essential oil has the effect of amenorrhea and midwifery, so pregnant women should avoid using it.


Matricaria recutita

German Chamomile Essential Oil


‣Certified organic German chamomile, azulene is a very effective anti-inflammatory ingredient, German chamomile contains about 24% azulene. For sensitive, red, dry and allergic skin problems, it is also effective for sensitive, eczema, psoriasis and various other peeling skin problems.

【Functional properties】

Pain Relief, Anti-Allergy, Antifungal, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Dumping, Carminative, Accelerates Wound Healing, Digestive Tonic, Liver Benefit

【Spiritual Healing】

The use of German chamomile essential oil has a calming, soothing and calming effect on the mind and body - relieves tension, anxiety, anger, relaxes patience, reduces anxiety.

It also has good results in the treatment of menstrual and menopause problems. It is generally used at times or places where the pressure is too high, that is, "extraordinary times", for women, such as before and after menstruation, for workers, such as the implementation of large-scale projects or near completion, and for students, of course Before and after the exam.

【Skin efficacy】

Used on the skin, it works wonders to calm redness, dryness and irritated skin problems, as well as for sensitive, eczema, psoriasis and various other peeling skin problems.

【Contraindications for use】

Because of its high price, chamomile is not suitable for regular consumption in fixed places. Instead, it uses its miraculous decompression effect to match the effects of related essential oils.


Pelargonium graveolens

Rose Geranium Pure Essential Oil


‣ Made with ECOCERT certified organic rose geranium, with a sweet floral scent and a rose-like scent. Suitable for all skin types, it can balance oil secretion, shrink pores, treat acne, abscesses, and promote skin recovery. It also balances the nervous system, boosts the spirit and relieves stress.

【Functional properties】
Calms the nerves, refreshes the mind, relieves stress and depression, resists anxiety, and balances emotions. Adjustable hormonal system, premenstrual syndrome, leucorrhea, diuresis, special for female menopause care. It can balance sebum secretion, activate skin, and regenerate cells.

【Spiritual Healing】
It is suitable for people who have too many thoughts in their minds, as well as people who are easily worried and anxious, and can calm their minds.

​ 【Skin efficacy】
Suitable for all kinds of skin, it can balance oil secretion, close pores, treat acne, puffiness, etc., and promote skin recovery.

【Contraindications for use】
It should be avoided in early pregnancy. Although there is no such restriction in the second and later stages of pregnancy, special attention should be paid to the physical condition when using it.


Citus aurantium var. amara

Petitgrain essential oil


‣ Most people like the smell of petitgrain essential oil, and its very mild nature, it is very suitable for insomnia, especially insomnia related to loneliness and unhappiness, petitgrain essential oil is a good antidepressant , great for low mood.

Petitgrain oil is very suitable for aromatherapy, it can reduce the production of sebum, it is also a mild and effective antiseptic, so it is very suitable for skin care and acne treatment. Petitgrain essential oil is a cleansing and deodorizing bath oil that gives you a feeling of freshness and comfort, and can help relieve tensions, especially those with prolonged depression.

【Functional properties】
Anti-depression, anti-spasmodic, deodorant, sedative

【Spiritual Healing】
Soothes anger and panic, and refreshes your mood when you're feeling down

​ 【Skin efficacy】
It has the function of regulating the skin, can remove acne and pimples, etc., mild and effective sterilization, regulate the function of skin oil secretion, and reduce the problem of excessive sebum. Clear skin blemishes and synergistically treat acne, acne and other problems.


Citrus Paradisi

White Grapefruit Essential Oil


‣ Grapefruit can promote the circulation of blood and lymph, and expel excess water and old waste. It has been confirmed that inhaling the aromatic substances of grapefruit has the effect of promoting fat and burning prevention. These refreshing scents can eliminate the feeling of vomiting, promote sweating, and reduce discomfort such as headaches. Pregnancy Nursing Grapefruit promotes the circulation of blood and lymph, and flushes out excess water and old waste. It can also help reduce discomfort during pregnancy. At present, it has been confirmed that inhaling the aromatic substances of grapefruit has the effect of promoting fat and preventing burning.

【Functional properties】
Mainly anti-depression, strengthen nerves, invigorate spirit and stomach, help exhaust, adjust appetite, lower blood pressure, remove stagnation, increase temperature, diuretic dissolve fat, antibacterial, antiviral

【Spiritual Healing】
The scent of grapefruit can swept away the heavy air, replacing Tailu and nervousness with a mood of euphoria, joy. When you are too stressed, grapefruit essential oil can adjust the imbalance and restore calmness. Suitable for depression, loss of self-confidence, loss of appetite and overeating, blame others, desire dissatisfaction anxiety, bad mood, restlessness, emotionally shaken people.

​ 【Skin efficacy】
The sweat control effect group is good, and it can effectively prevent body odor. Gently cleanses oily skin and adult sores.
​ Helps fight acne, tones skin and tissue, and reduces oiliness in oily skin.


Cedrus Atlantica

atlantic cedar essential oil


‣ Cedar (cedar) essential oil has been known for its medicinal value in ancient records, and all ancient civilizations used cedar in medicine, cosmetics and perfumes. The Egyptians also used cedar to preserve corpses and make mummies. The essential oil contained in cedar wood is very high and very fragrant, so it is often used as a raw material for building materials and storage boxes.

The scent of cedar essential oil is more masculine. It has astringent and antibacterial properties. It can be used as an astringent for skin pores and to treat acne. It can reconcile and invigorate the nerves, and help reduce stress and tension. Because of its masculine smell, it also makes It has the reputation of aphrodisiac.

【Functional properties】
Antibacterial, astringent, diuretic, expectorant, fungicidal, sedative

【Spiritual Healing】
It enhances persistence and endurance, exerts the mental strength to overcome any difficulties, completes heavy responsibilities, helps to promote brain activity, focuses on what you should do, and is also suitable for contemplation and meditation.

​ 【Skin efficacy】
An excellent hair conditioner that has good effects on scalp prone to oily, hair loss, dandruff, and head sores. Beneficial for oily skin, with astringent properties, it can improve problems such as enlarged pores and the appearance of microvessels, and is very helpful for acne on the back.


Rosa alba

white rose essential oil


‣ Use the precious white rose essential oil distilled by distillation from the world's top Bulgarian rose valley, with an intoxicating romantic and fragrant fragrance. Just one drop of Bulgarian White Rose essential oil is equivalent to about 100 white roses! It promotes skin regeneration and whitening, brightens skin tone and tightens blood vessels. Sweet and dignified delicate floral fragrance. More sweet and sugary than the usual rose, Bulgarian White Rose Oil (Rose Alba) exudes a pleasant and unique aroma, rich and romantic, unique among many rose oils.

【Functional properties】
For skin aging, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac, anti-depression, sedation, tonic, etc. Bulgarian rose oil can also help relieve symptoms of PMS, menopause discomfort, and more.


【Spiritual Healing】
White rose essential oil has a great effect on the mind or mood. Its fragrant, rich scent acts on the nervous system, soothes emotions, lifts spirits, and relieves potential tension and stress. It has a good auxiliary improvement effect on postpartum depression, menopause, and irritability. The aroma of roses can help relieve depression, restore energy, feel good, and unlock the source of feminine seduction. Rose essential oil is an extremely feminine essential oil that helps women have a positive impact on themselves.

White rose essential oil is an excellent uterine tonic that can help calm premenstrual tension, promote vaginal secretions, and regulate menstrual cycles. It is also good for infertility, frigidity and impotence. Relieves menopausal discomfort. Promote blood circulation and strengthen microvessels.

【Skin efficacy】
Suitable for all skin types, it is especially beneficial for mature, dry and sensitive skin. It has the properties of firming and soothing skin, and it is good for skin inflammation. White rose essential oil can also help constrict capillaries.


Anthemis nobilis

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil


‣ Organic certified Roman chamomile essential oil with a fruity, apple-like aroma. Improve allergy, eczema, psoriasis, hypersensitive skin. Expressing anxiety, tension, anger and fear is very helpful for insomnia.

【Functional properties】

It has the effect of helping sleep, relieves inflammation and pain symptoms, and relieves the loss caused by neuropathic skin itching; Chamomile has an excellent effect of holding, which can relieve anxiety, tension, anger and fear, making people relaxed, patient, and feeling peaceful. Alleviates anxiety, calms the mind and helps with insomnia

【Spiritual Healing】

Excellent soothing effect, can relieve anxiety, tension, anger and fear, make people relaxed and patient, feel peaceful. Alleviates anxiety, calms the mind, and is very helpful for blindness.

【Skin efficacy】

Relieves burns, water cannons, inflamed wounds, sores and heals. Helps to improve wet repair, onion, state repair, dry skin, super sensitive skin, and general allergies. Calms broken capillaries, improves elasticity, and is excellent for dry and itchy skin. "Eliminates puffiness and strengthens tissues. It is a very good skin purifying skin care product.


Centaurea cyanus

Tea tree oil


‣ Made with certified organic tea tree oil from Australia, it has an excellent purifying effect and improves the suppuration of infected wounds and boils. Clears small pimples and unclean areas caused by chickenpox and shingles. Can be applied to burns, sores, sunburns, warts, herpes and athlete's foot. Also treats dry scalp and dandruff.

【Functional properties】
Strengthens parasympathetic nerves, clears the mind, removes stagnation, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, heals wounds, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, strengthens immunity.

【Spiritual Healing】
Tea tree can strengthen both the mind and body, boosting the depressed mood, mental fatigue, restlessness, melancholy state, listlessness, nervousness, depression is suitable for people. Rekindle vitality and fighting spirit. When falling into the bottle head, it can eliminate the anger of the anger and help people regain their calm. It is also suitable for people who are always in a mess, have poor memory concentration and cannot act quickly.

​ 【Skin efficacy】
Muscle skin inflammation, eczema, rough hand, dermatophytosis, facial satiety, rash, wounds, mosquito bites, sunburn, hair loss, dandruff, itchy scalp, fungus has a significant effect on improving athlete's foot, wounds , facial pimples, and thick wounds can help with other essential oils that also have antibacterial effects, and the effect is better.


Cymbopogon martinii

Palmarosa Essential Oil


‣ Using ECOCERT organic certified Palmarosa essential oil, it is suitable for oily and dehydrated skin and acne-prone skin, balances sebum secretion, and re-forms a natural water-retaining film, with excellent moisturizing effect. Suitable for oily and dry skin.

【Functional properties】
Anti-microbial, anti-bacteria, anti-virus, sterilization, nourishing body, nourishing nerves, nourishing uterus, midwifery, nourishing heart, promoting cell regeneration, moisturizing, calming.

【Spiritual Healing】
When people are overexcited, Palmarosa can play a role in adjusting the spirit and restore calmness. Its fragrance has a boosting effect. When people fall into tears, anxiety, loneliness, and feel lonely due to stress and trouble, it can also be a refreshing fragrance. Help people get out of the predicament and gain vitality. Its fragrance allows us to approach people with a warm heart and maintain emotional stability.

​ 【Skin efficacy】
Suitable for all types of skin, it is an excellent skin care oil. It can stimulate the regeneration of basal cells, has the effect of stimulating or balancing the secretion of natural sebum, is a good moisturizing agent, and is very beneficial to dry skin. At the same time, it can also promote the regeneration of epidermal cells, and long-term use can improve the fine lines on the face and neck.
It has antiseptic properties and is great for treating acne, minor skin infections, inflammations, pimples and pimples.


Pogostemon Cablin

Patchouli Essential Oil


‣  Patchouli has skin care and skin care properties, it has anti-inflammatory and fungicidal properties, promotes cell growth, and is ideal for treating acne, skin lacerations, and certain types of eczema, such as the fungal infection of Athlete's foot , skin allergies and dandruff. It is also excellent for its antidepressant properties, treating a wide range of depression, anxiety, and stress-related symptoms.

【Functional properties】
Anti-depression, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, sedative, fungicidal, antipyretic, aphrodisiac, astringent, scarring, diuretic, deodorant, cell regeneration, insecticidal.

【Spiritual Healing】
Bringing a feeling of solidity, calm and balance, Patchouli strengthens the central nervous system and has an aphrodisiac effect. If people overuse their brains due to stress or chronic fatigue, and people who think too much but cannot act, they are suitable for using Guangleixiang, which can relieve the feeling of sultry and irritability. Patchouli can also play a role in regulating appetite.

​ 【Skin efficacy】
Helps regenerate skin cells, promotes wound scarring, significantly reduces inflammation, improves rough and cracked skin and various wounds and sores, and also slightly improves acne, eczema, fungal infections and abnormal scalp symptoms.


Lavandula angustifolia Vera

True Alpine Lavender Pure Essential Oil


‣ Made with high-quality Bulgarian organic alpine genuine Lavender angustifolia. It is one of the good anti-inflammatory and calming essential oils, which can regenerate cells, maintain the balance of sebum secretion, antibacterial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, improve insomnia, and eliminate acne without leaving scars.

Of the essential oils, lavender is the most versatile and can be divided into calming, soothing and balancing. Whether it is mental or physical, it can make people's body and mind heal automatically in a harmonious state of balance. Humans have used lavender for thousands of years, and the British Pharmacopoeia also lists lavender essential oil as an indispensable standing medicine.  

Lavender essential oil has bactericidal and analgesic properties and is most commonly used to treat burns and various wounds, promoting wound healing and avoiding scarring. Its bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties make it very effective for treating skin conditions, it is one of the most suitable essential oils for acne treatment, it inhibits the growth of bacteria, avoids causing skin infections, balances excess sebum secretion and fades scars for healthy It can help the growth of new cells, and treat many kinds of eczema and mange. It can kill mold and effectively treat athlete's foot and ringworm.

【Functional properties】
Pain relief, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, antibacterial, antispasmodic, antiviral, flatulence, choleretic, spleen, promoting scarring, stimulant, promoting cell renewal, decongesting and swelling, deodorizing, detoxifying, diuretic, killing Phytophthora, lower blood pressure, benefit nerves, help calm, benefit the spleen, treat wounds and burns, relieve menstrual pain, improve insomnia, relieve respiratory problems, and drive away insects.

【Spiritual Healing】
Lavender can calm the mood, so it has a positive effect on the mind. It can purify, soothe the mind, reduce anger, and make people calm. Because it balances the central nervous system, it is very helpful for panic and depression, and can relieve headache symptoms. Helps treat insomnia caused by physical, mental or stress. Lavender can help treat emotional imbalances or mental depression, and it works better at night.

【Skin efficacy】
Can promote skin regeneration, balance sebum secretion, can improve acne, eczema and psoriasis, and can inhibit the growth of bacteria, treat skin burns and sunburn, minimize swelling and scarring. It is also a good hair care agent, some help for baldness

【Contraindications for use】
Avoid high doses during pregnancy


Citus aurantium var. amara

Orange Blossom Essential Oil


Use organic neroli essential oil produced in Morocco, neroli contains a variety of active whitening ingredients, which can enhance cell vitality, help cell regeneration, whiten, moisturize, lighten spots, decompose skin melanin, suitable for dry, sensitive and other problematic skin. At the same time, it can also relax the mind and achieve spiritual healing.

‣ Neroli essential oil has antidepressant, bactericidal, antispasmodic and aphrodisiac properties, as well as a mild calming effect, effectively reducing various symptoms caused by emotions, especially for the treatment of anxiety. It can quickly help soothe and reduce stress.

It's great for the skin, it stimulates healthy new cell regeneration, and it has a certain youth-rejuvenating magic that works on every skin type, but works best for dry, sensitive skin. Add some orange blossom and orange essential oils to creams to prevent stretch marks.

【Functional properties】
Anti-depression, antibacterial, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, bactericidal, flatulence, excites, increases cell vitality, deodorizes, aids digestion, softens skin, calms.

【Spiritual Healing】
It has a mild hypnotic effect and can help reduce chronic anxiety, depression and stress, and when emotions are fluctuating and frightened, orange blossom can provide a soothing effect, bringing a feeling of peace and making people happy.

​ 【Skin efficacy】
Can help cell regeneration, increase skin elasticity, suitable for dry mature and sensitive skin, and also helpful for varicose veins, scars and stretch marks.


Juniperus communis

Juniper Berry Essential Oil


‣ Made with ECOCERT organic certified juniper berry essential oil, juniper berry is an essential oil known for purifying and detoxifying, with astringent, anti-inflammatory, and expelling edema and waste toxins from the body. It purifies the skin and helps to remove dark spots, acne, acne and other problems.

Juniper has long been known for its diuretic, detoxifying and antiseptic properties. When there are too many toxins and wastes to be eliminated from the body, juniper becomes a very valuable essential oil.
Juniper essential oil is a good hemostatic astringent, its astringent, bactericidal and detoxifying properties can treat puberty acne, and it works very well.

【Functional properties】
Antibacterial, soothing rheumatism, antispasmodic, wound healing, sweating, aphrodisiac, astringent, flatulence, scarring, stomachic, stimulating, diuretic, menstrual, neurological, insecticidal, purifying, detoxifying.

【Spiritual Healing】
Juniper essential oil can be used mentally, emotionally and physiologically at the same time. It has a powerful cleansing effect. When you feel exhausted and very tired, juniper essential oil seems to be able to remove the waste from the body as well as the waste from the mind. It is stimulating and has the effect of strengthening the nerves.

【Skin efficacy】
Improves sebum leakage on the scalp, purifies oily skin, improves acne, clogged pores, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

【Contraindications for use】
Because juniper essential oil stimulates the body to flush out toxins, it may get worse before treating skin symptoms that get better, which is a typical critical period in natural remedies. For the treatment of cystitis and urethral stones, it must be treated by a doctor first. Juniper should be avoided if you have severe kidney disease or other kidney infections, and it should not be used during pregnancy.


Litsea cubeba

Pheasant Pepper Essential Oil


‣Sweet fruity aroma, similar to that of lemongrass. Antibacterial, acne, acne, firming, astringent, improve excess oil secretion, balance oily skin. Eliminate flatulence, analgesia, antiseptic.

Pheasant pepper is mainly used to maintain the skin. It is added to many skin care products on the market. It does not cause allergies and has strong bactericidal power. It is very suitable for oily and acne skin, and can treat general spots and other problems. Its antidepressant properties can make people feel happy when they are depressed.

【Functional properties】
Antidepressant, antibacterial, astringent, bactericidal, detoxification, milk secretion promotion, insecticidal, motivating

【Spiritual Healing】
Has a very uplifting effect and brings a sun-drenched feeling.

​ 【Skin efficacy】
It has firming and astringent properties for a balancing act on oily skin and hair. Antibacterial, acne, acne, firming, astringent, improve excess oil secretion, balance oily skin.

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Santalum Album

Sandalwood oil


‣ Not only does sandalwood have an attractive scent, it is also helpful for all types of skin, it can help dry and dehydrated skin, especially with a warm compress. In addition, it has a mild astringent and strong antiseptic effect, so it can also help oily skin and acne, soothes the skin, it also relieves itching and inhibits the growth of bacteria in rashes. Sandalwood is a famous aphrodisiac and aphrodisiac, it More than other aphrodisiac essential oils to stimulate the reproductive organs to achieve the desired effect.

【Functional properties】
Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, astringent, antitussive, flatulence, diuretic, skin softening, expectorant, sedative

【Spiritual Healing】
Excellent relaxation effect, can soothe nervous tension, can bring a sense of peace and calm, can also dispel anxiety, bring a sense of relaxation and happiness

​ 【Skin efficacy】
Sandalwood is especially beneficial for dry eczema and aging and dehydrated skin. It softens the skin, improves itching and inflammation, and its antibacterial properties help improve acne, boils, and infected wounds.

​There are other plant essential oils used in our products, which are not exhaustive, please forgive me.