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【Intention & Concepts of Cleansing Balm 】
Only one product can helps to remove overall makeup. It is versatile, nutritious and convenience makeup remover. It helps to improves your skin condition day by day.
【Say no to Mineral Oil】​ 
No Mineral oil.
The benefit of using pure Vegetable oil, this is most similar to the molecular structure of our skin sebum.
Vegetable oil is skin-friendly, gentle, even sensitive and dry skin can be used.
【Cleaning Power ≠ Tight and Dry】
​Different vegetable oils are mostly similar to the molecular structure of skin sebum.
Shea Butter is our first choice on our make up remover formula.
It has excellent repairing and increase skin defense ability and softness effect.
【makeup remove without using cotton pads】
​Cleaning water need to use cotton pads.  
Disposable cotton pads can’t be good for the environment and you are looking for a more eco-friendly. Cleasning balm option that is good for the planet and good for your skin.
【Massage your skin】
only Balm texture can be compatible with shea butter material when we using in our makeup remover Products. It also can help to massage your skin easily and get the best result after using makeup remover. 

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