【Intention & Concepts of Cleansing Clay Mask】
The rich mineral nutrition is freshly activation
【The concept of Detox​】​ 
Our daily lives expose us to pesticides, lead and copper and other trace metals on a regular basis. These toxins can accumulate in the skin and body.
The source of mineral Clay depends on its structure and composition.They come from different sources, and each source has its own unique mineral composition.
It is composed of tiny particles that can absorb a lot of water.
Mineral clay can absorb heavy metals and radioactive metals, free radicals and other unwanted metabolic activity products.

It has a unique negative electromagnetic charge, it is like a magnet, which can suck metals and toxins away.
【important for the freshness clay mask】
Clay mask need to be strengthened with antiseptics or antibackterial agent to stabilize and extend the product life if mixed with water in advance.
So the powdery clay is the good way to retained their nutrition and acitvate them every time when you use it.
【considered with water phase 】
we mix with hydrosols as a water phase on our cleansing clay mask.
Different hydrosol have different benefits on your skin to get the best result.
​ 【doesn't dry the skin】​
Only use clay mud will easy to get dry skin.
We mixed with the characteristics of different hydrosols, vegetable oils and essential oils to match different cleansing clay mask to enhance the effectness of clay mask.
It feel clean and does not feel dry skin after use. 

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