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Terms and Conditions

  • Stamp redemption activities are as usual, with net purchases of $300 or more to redeem a stamp, and so on. (Not including the amount of redemption products)

  • Welcome to the online store to place an order. Offers (2) to (5) and (anniversary limited) are not applicable to Mong Kok consignment stores, Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay ART PIECE consignment stores.

  • This offer is calculated per order and cannot be combined.

  • Due to the epidemic situation, the online store does not have a Kwun Tong studio, only designated express delivery service delivery or Mong Kok consignment store pickup service.

  • *This promotion does not include free postage for online shopping. The designated express delivery service in Hong Kong will probably charge about $30-$33 for postage, depending on the weight, which will be charged by the express delivery company.

  • There is no exchange of gift products.

  • All orders are paid within the promotion period. For those who have placed the order but fail to pay within the promotion period, the relevant order will be cancelled and will not enjoy the promotion.

  • Offers cannot be used at the same time. In case of any dispute, Nude Story reserves the right of final decision.